Commission policies are either focused on the conduct of the Commission and its staff or guide the conduct of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, consistent with California Fish and Game Code Section 703. Policies adopted by the Commission are not the same as statutes (laws) or regulations.

California state laws are created by the legislature and published in codes (i.e., fish and game code, government code); visit the California Legislative Information website to learn more. Regulations are any rule or standard adopted by a state agency to implement, interpret, or make specific the laws in code. Regulations are published in different “titles” of the California Code of Regulations (i.e., Title 14 for natural resources, Title 24 for building standards). The Commission adopts regulations under many different authorities for a variety of subjects; visit the Commission regulations webpage for examples. To learn more about how the regulatory process works, visit the Office of Administrative Law website.





Joint Policies - California State Board of Forestry and the California Fish and Game Commission Joint Policy