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Announcements and Recent News

Statement by Vice President Murray on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Before we start our meeting I want to take this moment to acknowledge explicitly that as Vice President of the California Fish and Game Commission, I stand against racism, white supremacy, violence against Black communities, and the silencing of marginalized communities.

I applaud the work of organizations like Outdoor Afro, Brown Girl Surf, Textured Waves, Black Girl Surf, HECHO, Latino Outdoors and Latinx Marinos, who are connecting people of color, increasing access to outdoor experiences, and changing the face of conservation. I was inspired by the inaugural Black Birders Week that took place earlier this month. And I celebrate the work of hunting and fishing organizations who are dedicated to increasing representation of Black and Latinx outdoorspeople, while tearing down stereotypes and barriers to participation. I recognize and see the stewardship work that Tribes throughout California have done since time immemorial and am invigorated by the newly formed Tribal Marine Stewards Network.

As the California Fish and Game Commission, I believe we can learn a lot from these entities, so that we are more deliberately fostering a culture of inclusion for Black, Indigenous and People of Color in outdoor recreation and conservation. And so that we are intentionally setting a table for dialogue that includes seats for those who have been historically underrepresented or marginalized in our discussions.

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Statement by Commissioner Peter S. Silva

Thanks for allowing me time to make opening remarks for today's meeting.

First, I want to thank Vice President Murray and [California Department of Fish and Wildlife] Director Bonham for their inspiring and heartfelt words yesterday regarding the difficult times we are experiencing, both with respect to social justice issues as well as the deadly pandemic, COVID-19. I will build on their comments.

In thinking about what to say today, I decided it might be best to share my experience and perspective as a person of color in this society.

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 Visiting the Commission Office

To help maintain the safety of Commission staff and the public during the Covid-19 pandemic, in-person access to the Commission office is limited. Consistent with the Resources Building safety plan, any member of the public wishing to visit the Commission office must first obtain written approval from Commission staff. If you wish to visit the office, please send an email to describing the reason for your visit and your desired date and time. Thank you for your understanding during these extraordinary times.

Has it really been 150 years? A muted acknowledgement during the COVID-19 crisis

Last week the Commission reached a significant milestone in its history as it marked 150 years since the California Board of Fish Commissioners, the first iteration of our organization, was established. (By the way, that makes it our sesquicentennial, as well as a special milestone for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, which also originated from the board.) Staff has long been preparing for what was to be a variety of activities to celebrate this special year in the organization’s history. Alas, the circumstances of the global pandemic have redirected our attention.

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