Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

All people enjoy safe and equitable access to California’s thriving native wildlife and natural habitats supported by inclusive decision-making that reflects the needs and values of the state’s diverse communities.

Vision Statement Adopted Oct 14, 2021

Positive Vision

It is the policy of the Fish and Game Commission that, as an agency charged with serving the public, the Commission has the responsibility to make decisions in a just, equitable and inclusive manner. As such, the Commission is committed to ensuring California’s fish and wildlife are managed with public confidence and participation and striving toward safe and equitable access to California’s thriving native wildlife and natural habitats, supported by inclusive decision-making that reflects the needs and values of the state’s diverse communities.

To achieve this vision, it is necessary to acknowledge and address significant past injustices suffered by California Native American tribes and to recognize their interwoven connection to and stewardship of the environment. It is also necessary to acknowledge the well-documented prejudices and barriers experienced by historically marginalized and underserved communities in terms of access to nature and regulatory decision-making processes, in addition to the privilege associated with outdoor access.

Values Central to the Mission of the Commission

The Commission holds certain values as central to its mission and strives to uphold and exemplify these values in all its actions and interactions. In addition to formally adopting values of integrity, transparency, innovation, collaboration, excellence and stewardship, the Commission has made a strong commitment to upholding justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. The Commission recognizes environmental justice as essential to addressing historic and current inequities, and to creating equitable access to environmental benefits. Central to the mission of the Commission is serving all people of California; people of all backgrounds, cultures, circumstances, lived experiences and worldviews hold essential perspectives that strengthen our collective decision-making. Respect for all persons is fundamental to our organization. The Commission commits to focusing on these values as they are fundamental to creating a just, equitable and inclusive future.

Actions to Which We Commit

In support of its vision and values, the Commission also commits to overarching actions to advance justice, equity, diversity and inclusion, including:

  • Conduct the Commission’s business in a manner that operationalizes justice, equity, diversity and inclusion;
  • Use our sphere of influence to counteract historic legacies and systems of exclusion and the way that they hinder individual and community participation;
  • Create and maintain a space where all ideas, values and cultures are welcomed, heard and respected;
  • Provide accessible engagement opportunities to Commission decision-making for all affected and interested people;
  • Promote equity through more inclusive decision-making that considers and corrects for disproportionate burdens on historically marginalized communities, including California Native American tribes;
  • Expand understanding of and improve response to the needs of marginalized fish and wildlife users;
  • Amplify tribal voices and issues;
  • Invest in meaningful and long-term partnerships with communities and cultures that have relationships with activities, fish or wildlife that we regulate;
  • Consider implications of our decisions on subsistence activities;
  • Improve and champion equitable access to nature and abundant and healthy fish and wildlife populations;
  • Promote cultural, community, and economic opportunities related to fish and wildlife;
  • Ensure non-discriminatory and equitable practices in recruiting, training, and supporting a highly qualified, professional staff that reflects California’s diversity; and,
  • Encourage the governor to make appointments — including to the Commission — that are representative of California’s diverse communities.

JEDI Policy Adopted 2/16/2022

Recent Commission Actions and Discussion

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