January 18, 2017, Meeting Documents

  1. Approve agenda and order of items
  2. Public forum for items not on agenda
  3. Discuss and approve recommendations for 2017-2018 upland game bird regulations
  4. Identify and discuss initial recommendations for 2018 sport fish regulations  
  5. Discuss potential options for phase 2 falconry regulations
  6. Discuss potential wild pig management options
  7. Predator Policy Workgroup
    • (A) Update on Predator Policy Workgroup activities
    • (B)  Review and discuss draft predator policy
  8. Non-lead Ammunition
    • (A) DFW presentation on phase 2 implementation
    • (B) Update on new ammunition legislation and ballot initiative
  9. Future agenda items
    • (A) Review work plan agenda topics and timeline
    • (B) Potential new agenda topics for FGC consideration