February 7, 2017, Meeting Documents and In-meeting Presentations

Compilation of all materials (PDF) (1.6 MB)

  1. Approve agenda and order of items
  2. Public forum for items not on the agenda
  3. Staff updates
    • (A) Efforts to formalize the Tribal Committee in statute
    • (B) Ocean Protection Council outreach to tribes regarding Marine Protected Areas Statewide Leadership Team representation
    • (C) Committee updates
      • I. Wildlife Resources Committee
      • II. Marine Resources Committee
  4. Discussion of the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians request for tribal take exemptions in Santa Barbara marine protected areas
  5. Overview and discussion of kelp and algae harvest management review
  6. Discussion of priorities for California tribes in the development of a Commission climate policy
  7. Develop vision statement on co-management
    • (A) Discussion
    • (B) Feedback and next steps
  8. Planning for the annual Commission-Tribal planning meeting pursuant to the Commission’s tribal consultation policy.
    • (A) Review annual meeting purpose
    • (B) Discuss timing and planning logistics
  9. Department of Fish and Wildlife updates
  10. Future agenda topics