September 21, 2016 In-Meeting Presentations

  1. Approve agenda and order of items
  2. Public forum for items not on agenda
  3. Discuss and approve recommendations for 2017-2018 regulations: 
    • (A) Mammal hunting (Sections 360, et al.)
    • (B) Waterfowl hunting (Section 502)
    • (C) Klamath River sport fishing (Sections 7.50, et al.)
    • (D)Central Valley Chinook salmon
  4. Wild pig management
  5. Predator Policy Workgroup
  6. DFW presentation on the Hatchery and Inland Fisheries Fund
  7. Future agenda items
    • (A) Review work plan agenda topics and timeline
    • (B) Potential new agenda topics for FGC consideration