September 21, 2016 Meeting Documents

Complete Binder (PDF) (1.0 MB)

  1. Approve agenda and order of items
  2. Public forum for items not on agenda
  3. Discuss and approve recommendations for 2017-2018 regulations: 
  4. Wild pig management
    • (A) Presentation from USDA Animal Plant Health Inspection Service on national and statewide activities, research, and monitoring
    • (B) Discuss possible management options
  5. Predator Policy Workgroup
    • (A) DFW presentation on current knowledge about mesocarnivores and overview of the Human Dimensions Program
    • (B) Update on Predator Policy Workgroup activities
  6. DFW presentation on the Hatchery and Inland Fisheries Fund
  7. Future agenda items
    • (A) Review work plan agenda topics and timeline
    • (B) Potential new agenda topics for FGC consideration