July 21, 2016 In-Meeting Presentations

  1. Approve agenda
  2. Public forum for items not on the agenda
  3. Agency Updates
  4. Red Abalone Fishery Management Plan – progress update
    DFW Presentation: Abalone and Sea Urchin Fisheries: Impacts of Kelp Deforestation (PDF)
    DFW Presentation: Red Abalone Fishery Management Plan Update (PDF)
  5. Pacific Herring Fishery Management Plan – progress update
    SeaChange Analytics, LLC, Presentation: Herring FMP Update (PDF)
  6. Marine Life Management Act Master Plan for Fisheries amendment process update
    DFW Presentation: MLMA Master Plan Amendment Process Staff Update (PDF)
  7. Update on progress and completion of new ecological impact assessment tool for scientific collecting permit applications in marine protected areas
    DFW and OPC-SAT presentation: Scientific Research in Marine Protected Areas: Development of a Novel Ecological Impact Assessment Framework (PDF)
  8. California’s Fishing Communities:  Summary of July 20 public meeting and discuss next steps
  9. Update on Fisheries Bycatch Workgroup
  10. Informational Presentation and Discussion:  Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia
    Handout from Emily Knight, Ocean Science Trust (PDF)
  11. Finding Dory:  Opportunities to encourage environmental stewardship
  12. Update on topics previously before the Committee
    • (A) Marine debris and plastic pollution
    • (B)Pier and jetty fishing review
  13. Future agenda topics
    • (A) Review work plan agenda topics and timeline
    • (B) Potential new agenda topics for FGC consideration