September 9, 2015 Wildlife Resources Committee Meeting Documents

Complete meeting binder (PDF)
  1. Public forum
  2. Discuss and approve recommendations for 2015-2016 scheduled rulemakings
    • a. Klamath River sport fishing regulations (Subsection 7.50(b)(91.1)
    • b. Mammal hunting 2016-2017 regulations (Sections 360 et al.)
  3. Identify and discuss initial recommendations for 2016 scheduled rulemakings
    • Waterfowl hunting (Section 502)
    • Upland Game (Sections 300 and 708.18)
  4. Discuss one year from purchase date versus calendar year term for fishing licenses
    Item 4 Exhibits
  5. Discuss wild pig management
    Item 5 Exhibits
  6. Discuss possession of game for processing into food (per Section 3080(e), Fish and Game Code)
    Item 6 Exhibits
  7. Update on and discussion of predator policy workgroup, predator management policy adn potential regulation changes
    Item 7 Exhibits
  8. New business