November 4, 2015 Marine Resources Committee In-Meeting Presentations


  1. Call to order / roll call to establish quorum
  2. Approve agenda
  3. Public forum for items not on agenda
  4. Agency updates
  5. Update on Red Abalone Fishery Management Plan
    Department presentation (PDF)
  6. Update on master plan for marine protected areas review and revision process
    Department presentation (PDF)
  7. Overview of Marine Life Management Act master plan review and revision process
    Department presentation (PDF)
  8. California’s fishing communities: initial scoping
    Commission staff presentation (PDF)
  9. Update on approach to amending kelp and algae harvest regulations
    Department Presentation (PDF)
  10. Update on topics previously before the Committee
    • (A) Fisheries Bycatch Workgroup
    • (B) Pier and Jetty Fishing Review
    • (C) Other
  11. Adjournment